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When your vegetables are harvested the same day you eat them, you will taste the difference. And, this is the same story with all of our vendors. Whether you are getting veggies, meats, eggs, hand-made jewelry, prepared food, or blueberries, you are getting a piece of Maine.

When you get your vegetables, food products and crafts from our market, you buying a piece of Maine. All of our products are made locally. If you go to a big box grocery store, they have no connection to the fresh and tasty food from Maine. They buy food from all over the world. Can you imagine how much fuel was used to transport the products? When you start buying at our market, it will be hard for you to eat green peppers that have traveled 4,000 miles to your table.

You can learn a lot from our farmers. What can you learn about farming from a big box grocery store? Nothing. But, when you visit with Paul, Chuck, Brittany, and other members, you can learn many things about the food, the products, and the area. All of our vendors have great and varied experience. If you want to learn about tomatoes, when to harvest cabbage, different precious stones, the fun of raising farm animals, spinning, weaving, Indian culture, or techniques in blueberry harvesting, you should come to the Ellsworth Farmers Market. Stop by, visit, talk, and have fun with all of us. We would love to see you there.