Prepared Food, Baked Goods and Cheese

Browse breads, sweets, organic cheeses, yogurt, Indian food, jams, jellies, chutneys, pickles,  baked goods and much more.

Bookish Bakery-Kathryn Kennedy. Croissants,danishes,muffins,cookies,brownies. Ph 598-5628.

Gardenside dairy- Kim Roose.  Goat cheese, soaps, lotions, shampoos, jellies, goat meat and chicken. Email: Phone: (207)434-2674. Pre-order service is available.

Mountain Foot Farm- Nadie and Sadie Greene-Sims. Beef,chicken, pork, elderberry syrup, knits. Email: Phone: 949-3825. Pre-order service is available.

Tandoor - Prepared authentic Indian food appetizers such as samosas, flat breads such as naans, parathas, curries, vegetarian noodles,  organic spice mixes from curry mix to garam masaala her own creation, pickles, tomato onion, fruit chutneys and indian cookbook. Also providing at your home cooking workshops. Pre-order service is available.
Ph 669-4447 or text (812)709-8620