Prepared Food, Baked Goods, Cheese and others.

Browse breads, baked goods, goat cheese, Indian food,  chutneys, pickles, hot sauces and much more.

AFR Nutritionals- Ben Pyles. Dog treats, and chicken feed. 
Email: Phone: (559) 202-7115. 

Autumn Moon Farm and Flowers- Mellissa Petrik. Pesto. 
Email: Phone: 479-5948

Gardenside Dairy-Kim and Donald Roos. USDA goat milk, goat cheese, jams, soaps, lotions. Email: Phone: 434-2674

House of Bread- Terry Na and Jill Lee. Home-baked specialty sourdough goods such as cinnamon rolls, chocolate babkas, and beignets. Freshly brewed, home-roasted single-origin coffee and whole coffee beans. Phone:801-1854

Notch Hill Farm- Susan Frauenhofer. Various types of baked goods, including cookies, scones, sweet breads, yeast breads, pies and pastries. Email: Phone: 290-0420

Schoodic Hollow Farm- Becka Gagne. Apple cider vinegar from their own fruit trees, various hot sauces. Phone: 408-3261.
Tandoor - Prepared authentic Indian food appetizers such as samosas, naans, vegetarian noodles, curries, homemade spice mixes from curry mix to garam masala, pickles, tomato onion, fruit chutneys and indian cookbook. 
Ph 669-4447 or text (812)709-8620