Ellsworth Farmers' Market Covid-19 Response Plan

We take our customers safety and our vendors safety seriously during this pandemic. Hence we follow a set of guidelines and precautions. They are laid out in details in our 

If you are a customer at our market, we encourage you to wear masks and keep a 
6 ft distance between customers and vendors. Please follow social distancing rules. We also encourage pre-ordering items so you don't have to wait in line and in crowds. Many of our vendors offer preorder. Please contact them ahead of time. Our members list is available on our webpage.

Members of the market

Bookish Bakery-Kathryn Kennedy. Ph 598-5628, Email: Kate.oquinn@gmail.com


Burke Hill Farm - Ben Perin. Ph: 460-6215, Email: burkehillfarm@gmail.com

Gardenside Dairy @Hatchknoll farm- Kim Roos. Ph: 234-2674,
Email: kimroos86@gmail.com

Happy Town Farm - Paul and Karen Volckhausen. Ph: 667-9212, Email happytownfarm@escrap.com 

Homespun and Lace - Doris Walsh.  Ph:812-2006, Email homespun42@gmail.com

Home Incorporated-Millie Grimes. Ph 469-7961, Email:home@homecoop.net

Middle Earth Mushrooms- Dominika DelMastro. Ph: 244-9130, 
Email: middlearthmushrooms@gmail.com

Mountain Foot Farm-Sadie and Nathan Greene-Sims. Ph: 949-3825,

Email: mountainfootfarm@gmail.com

Notch Hill Farm-Susan and Chris Frauenhofer. Ph: 290-0420,
Email: notchhillfarm@yahoo.com

Rock and Pebble Farm- Marilyn Plowman. Ph: 326-9748, Email:mcaplowman@gmail.com 

Schoodic Hollow Farm- Becka Gagne/Tracy Hendershot. Ph: 408-3261,
Email: atozfarmer52@gmail.com

Tammy Seed- Tammy and Pam. Email: wildseedfarm@gmail.com

Tandoor- G.Gilbert Ph: 669-4447,  Email:gunjanj2002@yahoo.com

Tom Clark- Potter. Ph: 812-5152,  Email: mainepenman@gmail.com

Wise Acres Farm- Brittany Hopkins and Joy Trueworthy. Ph: 730-6214, Email: wiseacresgarden@gmail.com

Weber Farm - Chuck Weber. Ph: 667-7081, Email: chuckweberfarm@gmail.com

Learn how you can apply to become a member of our farmers market.

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Ellsworth Farmers Market Schedule

Regular market season:

May 1st- Oct 30th, 2021.

190 Main Street, Ellsworth,ME. Every Saturday from 9:30am-12:30pm

Spring market season: March 20th, April 3rd, April 17th.

Customers using SNAP benefits and WIC can use these benefits at the Ellsworth Farmers Market. For more information, call 667-9212. We also accept EBT payments and credit cards. 

Attention vendors: join the Ellsworth Farmers Market

If you would like to join the Ellsworth Farmers Market as a vendor, please visit our Membership page. Submit your application via email: gunjanj2002@yahoo.com. To save trees and environment, we prefer email communications or even phone calls. 

Please visit our Covid-19 preparation and guidelines before you join the market.

Membership is subject to vote. Thanks.