Please review our membership rules and By-laws. New members much be approved by the existing market members and will be required to fill out an application. If you would like to become a vendor, print and complete this application below. Mail the application to:

Gunjan Gilbert
119 Eastbrook Rd
Franklin ME 04634

Alternatively, you can also fill out below information and then email this application to

Ellsworth Farmers Market Application


Farm or business name:




Intended participation: May  June   July  August September October 

Brief description of business:

List products:

Years in business:

Marketing outlets:

References (please list 2 with phone numbers):

I understand that this application will be subject to a vote of the membership of the Ellsworth Farmers Market. By signing this application I agree that, if accepted as a member, I will abide by the rules, decisions and conditions of the market.