Members of the market

A Stone's Throw to Health- FermentSheila P. Eddison. Email:

Biggi's Organic Breads-Miki MacDonald and Myer Taksel. Ph: 217-4148 or 217-0555

Bog Moth Family-Zeuk Brown. Ph: 518-8836 Email:

Burke Hill Farm - Ben Perin, Ph: 460-6215 Email:

Gardenside Dairy @Hatchknoll farm- Kim Roos, Ph: 234-2674

Happy Town Farm - Paul and Karen Volckhausen, Ph: 667-9212, Email 

Homespun and Lace - Doris and George, Ph:460-4889, Email

Home Incorporated-Millie Grimes Ph 469-7961.

Handprints Reflexologist- Mack MacDonald. Ph: 664-4294

Mountain Foot Farm-Sadie and Nathan Greene-Sims. Ph: 949-3825. 


Mossy Ledge Spirits-Jesse and Kasey Lupo. Ph: 269-2244.

Notch Hill Farm-Susan and Chris Frauenhofer. Ph: 290-0420.

Rock and Pebble Farm-Jake and Marilyn Plowman. Ph: 326-9748. 

Schoodic Hollow Farm- Becka Gagne/Tracy Hendershot. Ph: 408-3261

Shalom OrchardJim Baranski or Charlotte, Ph: 565-2312. Email :

Tammy Seed- Tammy and Pam Email:

Tandoor- G.Gilbert Ph: 669-4447

Tom Clark- Potter. Ph: 812-5152 Email:

Trade Lake Co- Nicole Gabriel Ph: 630-292-5307

Wise Acres Farm- Brittany Hopkins and Joy Trueworthy, Ph: 730-6214, Email:

Weber Farm - Chuck Weber, Ph: 667-7081, Email:

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