Choose from different cuts of beef, chicken, pork, and lamb when you visit the market. Most of the meat sold at the market is free range and organic. Ask the vendors for more information if needed.

Happy Town Farm -  MOFGA Certified Organic Lamb and pork.  Paul and Karen Volckhausen, Ph 667-9212, Email:

Garden Side Dairy- Providing farm raised chicken, duck and goat meat. Kim Roos. 
Ph 434-2674. Email:

Rock and Pebble Farm- Farm raised pork and chicken eggs. Also providing Alpaca fibers and products along with homemade childrens' clothes.
Marilyn and Jacob Plowman. Ph-326-9748. Email:

Shalom Orchard-MOFGA certified organic chicken. Jim & Charlotte.
Ph 565-2312 Email: