Ellsworth Farmers Market Rules

1. The market will be known as the ELLSWORTH FARMERS MARKET ASSOCIATION.
2. The use of the market is restricted to local products: eggs, maple syrup, home baked and canned goods, hand crafts, fiber arts, vegetables, flowers, meats, dairy and other farm products. All goods sold at the market must be 75% produced by the seller.  The balance does not have to be produced by the seller but must be produced locally. Craft vendors will be limited to 25% of total vendors. 

 3. Saturdays, 9:30 to 12:30
Mondays and Thursdays, 2:00 to 5:30

 4. No produce will be bagged or sold before 9:30 on Saturdays or 2:00 on Monday or Thursdays. The market manager will ring a bell signaling the start of the market.

5. Member Farmers shall provide their own selling surfaces.

6. No member will have the right to sell, sublease, transfer, or permit any other farmer to use his/her stand. Every member who sells at the market must pay the required market fees.

7. Each member will keep his/her space free from refuse during market hours, and pick up the space before leaving.

8. Sales will be conducted in an orderly business manner. No objectionable means of selling shall be tolerated.

9. Each member agrees to make his/her stand and products as attractive as possible.

10.  The market will have a market manager, a treasurer and a secretary whose duties will be to handle the business of the market. See Duties at the end of the rules.

11. The market will carry public liability insurance to protect members.

12. To pay for insurance costs and advertising each summer market member will pay a fee of $50.00. Installments may be made by special permission. A $5.00 set -up fee will be paid by each member at each market attended.
Summer market vendors who join the winter market will not be charged a fee.

New winter market vendors will pay $25.00 to join. Winter Market set up fee is based on number of  members available and is to be divided amongst them. If a new winter vendor joins the summer market, he/she will  pay  a $25.00 additional membership fee for a total of $50.00 for the year.

13. New members must pay part of their membership by April 19th to be listed in the market brochure.

14. Farm products sold as organic must comply with USDA certification standards.

15. The market is authorized to accept SNAP (food stamps), credit, and debit card. WIC vouchers are accepted by participating farmers.

16. New members must be approved by the existing market members and will be required to fill out an application which is located on the website. 

New vendors who signed up for the winter market will be approved by the winter market members. The summer market will approve any new winter market vendor who wants to continue with the summer market. 

17. The market reserves the right to sell the space of any vendor who does not show up at the market for 2 weeks, unless they have notified the market manager.

18. All persons selling at the market agree to abide by the above rules and regulation. Each vendor has the responsibility of guaranteeing that anyone working at his or her stand has read, understands and agrees to follow the rules.

Duties of EFM Officers
The market will have:

A Market Manager who will be responsible for the overall management and smooth functioning of the market. This will include: (1) parking vendors, (2) signaling the starting time; (3) collecting dues and set up fees; (4) handling conflicts that arise during market days; (5) ensuring that the vendors maintain a clean space and follow market rules; (6) sharing advertising and publicity duties with the Secretary

A Treasurer who will be responsible for the financial management of the market. This will include: (1) keeping records of all monies received from the operation of the market; (2) insuring the that monies received are deposited into the Farmers Market account in a local bank; (3) paying all bills (4) doing the bookkeeping associated with SNAP, credit and debit sales; (4) providing a report at the annual meeting or anytime it is requested.

A Secretary who will be responsible for keeping members informed about the business of the market and maintaining its records. This will include: (1) keeping a record of all minutes and sending out meeting notices, minutes, and other information to the general membership; (3) polling members by email or phone when votes are necessary; (4) responding to inquiries from potential  new members, sending market rules to new members; (5) sharing advertising and publicity duties with the Market Manager